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Acerdent manufacturers of Friction Grip Dental Diamond burs, drills and rotary instruments in 1.60mm (1/16") and straight hand piece 2.35mm (3/32") shank diameter sold on the International Dental market to Dentists worldwide.

The Thyssen Krupp stainless steel dentist's drills metal blanks are machined to high precision and tolerances on Tornos Swiss automatic turning machines and Traub German automatic turning machines ensuring 100% concentricity and are coated with 100% natural diamond grits (the hardest substance ever known of all materials) using our own unique nickel plating process ensuring high density coverage of the diamond particles which are well embedded and retained on the metal shank ensuring longevity of use and an exceedingly smooth cutting qualities without patient trauma.

  Acerdent Diamond Tool Manufacturing Process

Acerdent are world leaders in the manufacture of Nickel plated Diamond burs drills and rotary instruments,and offer a huge range selection of over 300 shapes and patterns manufactured in super fine, medium fine, regular coarse and extra coarse diamond grit sizes, from which dentists will find their preferred shapes they are currently using in their dental practices. The Acerdent diamond tool range features the "International Diamond bur Range" which consists of the most popular shapes used by dentistry worldwide. The "UK 500 Diamond bur Range are all the most popular shapes used by Dentists in the UK. The "Reducer Diamond Bur Range" and the "Coarse Diamond Grit Range" have been specially designed for fast bulk reduction of the tooth which reduces valuable chair time in the practice. The Polishers Diamond bur Range" are a unique range of diamond polishing burs available in fine and microfine diamond grit for tooth finishing.

Dental Burs Precision Manufactured


Our own uniquely developed diamond nickel plating process results in an Acerdent diamond cutting tool with long instrument life for multiple use which is more cost effective at a great saving to the dentist, versus the disposable 'one time use' diamond burs sold in the market place.

All dental drills, burs and rotary diamond instruments undergo rigorous quality control at every stage of manufacture and are inspected under the microscope before leaving Acerdent manufacturing plant, ensuring the dentist receives from Acerdent a top quality Acerdent diamond for use on the patient. These Dental products are acknowledged by dental practitioners worldwide as the best value for money.

All the dental products are CE certified marked.

We also custom make a range of industrial diamond burs, diamond drills, diamond burs and diamond plated tools.

Click here for a brief history on the development of the nickel plating process in the manufacture of dental diamond burs.

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