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Acerdent Diamonds – A Dentist’s Best Friend…

The traditional attributes of diamonds – longevity, reliability and high quality – have proved indispensable to dentists the world over.

Nowhere are these attributes shown more successfully than in the huge range of dental diamond burs from Acerdent. Over 300 burs in all grades and sizes featuring stainless steel shanks are precision machined to high tolerances with optimum concentricity prolonging hand piece life, are diamond plated with 100% natural diamond particleswith our own exclusive bonding process for excellent smooth cutting qualities – all that dentists could want and need from burs.

Acerdent adds another quality to FG dental diamond burs and industrial diamond drill range, however: unrivalled cost effectiveness.

Dental burs for under €1


The word on possible savings in a competitive environment soon spreads. Already used by thousands of dental practitioners and acknowledged as excellent value for money, Acerdent burs make no compromise on quality. Comfortably exceeding expectations in longevity, balance and precision the difference is clear when considering price: A single low price for all burs regardless of shape or grit size.

We also custom make a range of industrial diamond burs. Diamond burs and diamond plated tools at extremely competitive prices..

The key to this cost efficiency is the method of distribution: as dental diamond bur and industrial diamond drill manufacturers and suppliers, we supply, direct to the dentist, dental technician and industrial manufacturer end-user. With no sales force to maintain or distributors' mark-up, Acerdent prices remain excellent, incentives are highly attractive and stock availability is good.


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