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Acerdent diamond reducer bur tools

Satisfied dentist after using Acerdent diamond reducer bur tools


Diamond Bur Range
(1.60mm-1/16’’ inch shank diameter)

It cuts more of the tooth, time & the trouble.

The Acerdent Diamond Reducer bur has been developed for:

  1. Rapid Axial wall reduction preparations
  2. Cavity preparations.

Acerdent diamond reducer tools

The Acerdent Diamond Reducer cuts down on the time it takes for crown and cavity preparations and reduces patients' discomfort. It also cuts down on your effort because it cuts through enamel, dentin and amalgam easily-without any loss of control.

Your workload is reduced and despite its high cutting speed, its unique quality construction helps to cut down on clogging resulting in a superior diamond dental cutting bur wth quick and excellent results.

As of all Acerdent Diamond drills, the reducer is manufactured utilising our own developed latest manufacturing process with solid diamond retention resulting in an exceedingly efficient diamond cutting instrument and longevity.

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Start Crown Preparation with Acerdent Reducer Bur
Complete reduction of Axial walls with Acerdent Reducer Bur
Use Conventional Dental Bur to smooth and finish
Reducer Bur for ordinary cavity preparation