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Dentist using dental diamond burs Selection of high quality diamond dental burs Dental polisher tool with dental burs by the side View our full range of dental burrs to purchase online Range of over 300 diamond burs, used by dentists

Acerdent Dental Diamond Burs and Drill Offers
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Welcome to the Acerdent Website. Acerdent are world leading manufacturers and suppliers of over 300 high precision dental diamond burs shapes in various grit sizes. We also custom make industrial diamond drills and tools utilizing our own latest developed nickel electroplating manufacturing process. This results in a high quality product, ensuring smooth cutting qualities, longevity, at extremely competitive prices.
Our custom made diamond drills encompasses the following:

• Diamond Drills
• Micro Diamond drills
• Small Diamond drills
• Diamond Drill bits
• Diamond burs
• Diamond grinding pins
• Diamond points
• Surgical Diamond Drills & Burs